"La Dulce" Story

We want our customers to feel like they have traveled around the world after tasting our pastries.

La Dulce means "the sweet." We are an artisan bakery in Orange Park, Florida serving a mixture of internationally-inspired breads, cakes and pastries baked fresh daily. 

Our bakery presents a truly unique, multi-national approach to showcase baked goods — by merging our interesting backgrounds, we hope the quality of the product will speak for itself. Our pastry chef and bakers developed their styles while experimenting with different dishes and desserts, which set the creative tone for what would develop into varied careers. The diverse staff has considerable travels and international training that is evident in the variety of breads and confections that fill the cases at La Dulce Bakery.

The Dulce Squad

Meet our Sweet Squad. Our love for food, determination, and kindness are the values ​​that are part of our work, necessary to improve day after day.

Becoming part of our reality means entering a large family, in which each of us is an integral part every day.

People are at the center of our vision, and that is why we are attentive to the growth and enhancement paths of the team, which includes motivated and passionate young people.